Weak Euro = Great News For Holidaymakers?

Does a weak Euro really represent good news for holidaymakers?

We think so for a number of reasons. The glaringly obvious one, simply put. You get more Euros for your Pounds if you’re a British holidaymaker!

pound vs euro

Expensive Long-haul Flights

With rising fuel costs for airlines and the introduction of new ‘green’ taxes for long-haul flights. The ticket price alone for the average family, can quickly add up and start to get quite pricey. This has led to some cash-strapped families scaling back their holiday plans and the rise of the ‘staycation.

Eurozone Now Better Value Than Ever!

However, withAnother gr the weak Euro and the exchange rate currently at almost 1.19 Euros to the Pound! Spain represents greater value for money than ever. Especially if you’re planning to visit the popular Andalucia tourist destinations of Marbella and Puerto Banus. eat way to save money is to book your flights early & rent a self-catering holiday apartment. This gives you the option to eat cheaply and shop where the locals shop. Which means the average family could see their food and drink bills dropping by around forty percent or more, per day!

I found a great post on the CD-traveller commenting on the weak Euro and the lower cost of holidaying on the Costa Del Sol this year.

From an article in the Daily Mail, David Swann, from currency exchange Travelex, said:

‘For holidaymakers heading to the Eurozone, this means they are getting the best rate since September 2010. Compared to the five-year low in late-December 2008, they will be getting an extra 19 per cent for their money, or approximately €95 extra for every £500 exchanged’

So if you’re thinking of taking a holiday in the Eurozone or visiting the Costas this summer. This just may be the ideal time to take advantage of the weak Euro, favourable exchange rate and buy your Euros now.


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